A definitive list of the 38 best things in Thrones

As the bitter feud rages on between OCTGN diehards and Iron Throne converts, as the Facebook group squabbles over corner-case rulings and codes of conduct, and as James Nowecki individually denounces every Greyjoy player in the world as a “gibbering mess”, it’s easy to forget that Thrones is fundamentally a happy thing.

In the interest of togetherness, then, let us unite and celebrate this 100% objective and unbiased list of the 38 best things that can happen in this game of ours.

  1. Naval into Trading.
  2. Euron pillages the Wall.
  3. Euron pillages the Arbor.
  4. Gregor pillages the opponent’s Gregor.
  5. Putting attachments onto ‘no attachments’ characters because Fortified Position/Nightmares.
  6. When you have Castle Black and The Wall in play so that the art lines up.
  7. The moment when you remind an opponent who flipped Valar this turn that the massive military challenge that they just made has no claim.
  8. Attaching Crown of Gold to a character who doesn’t immediately die just to give your King’s Hunting Party an intrigue icon.
  9. Ambushing the second Olenna’s Informant.
  10. Paying seven gold for The Things I Do For Love.
  11. Cancelling a seven-gold The Things I Do For Love.
  12. Attaching Noble Lineage or Syrio’s Training to literally anything.
  13. Using Treachery on the Red Viper after multiple You Murdered Her Children have been played.
  14. Burning more than one character in the same challenge.
  15. Using Dissension on Jaqen or Roose.
  16. Accumulating enough power on a single character that you can no longer see the art.
  17. Triggering Mountains of the Moon in marshaling.
  18. As first player, stealing a fully loaded Boneway in dominance with Sea Bitch.
  19. Buying Bronn.
  20. Using Salladhor Saan to trigger Ice twice in the same challenge.
  21. Having an excuse to say the word ‘Butterbumps’ out loud.
  22. Using a chud to trigger Lady Sansa’s Rose.
  23. Attaching Green Dreams to your opponent’s Gregor.
  24. The first challenge phase after you put that fourth power onto the Blackfish.
  25. Kneeling Old Nan to make your Long Winter a Summer plot.
  26. Marshaling Lancel when your only other Lannister lord is Gregor.
  27. Barring the Gates into Ghosts of Harrenhal.
  28. Barring the Gates into Here to Serve.
  29. Barring the Gates into Reinforcements.
  30. Attaching more than one Motley to the same character.
  31. Flipping Fallen from Favour on an empty board.
  32. Using Renly’s Pavilion to make your opponent’s Tyrion 3 STR just before you drop in a House Florent Knight.
  33. Marshaling Tywin using Night Gathers.
  34. Flipping Forgotten Plans into Tourney for the King.
  35. Your opponent forgetting that there is a Last Hearth Scouts in your dead pile when they trigger House of the Undying.
  36. Ear tokens.
  37. Playing Watcher on the Walls during your own military challenge to kill your Benjen for the win.
  38. Kneeling your Catapult to kill your own Benjen for the win.

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